The Future of Work: Rise of the Machines Part 3

Robots are hot these days. Until recently only some people feared that robots could and would take over much of our work. Most economists still believe that robots will free workers from laborious monotonous work in sweat shops. They will also readily admit that robots are about to take over more skilled work as well. […] Read more »

The Future of Work: Software Robots

In earlier posts, here , here and here, we commented on the rise of the machines in our society and wondered whether automated jobs would create new and more challenging jobs for men. Automation is a one way street; there is no such thing as de-automation. That is usually a good thing because most automated […] Read more »

The Future of Work: Rise Of The Machines Part 2

There was a time that when your wallet was empty and the month was only halfway down you had to resort to flipping burgers for MacDonalds or Burger King. Not something you would want to do for the rest of your life but at least it paid the bills. There were more benefits. Free meals, […] Read more »

The Future Of Work: Rise Of The Machines

Job cuts are about as common as cars on the A2 these days. Hardly a day goes by when there are no headlines announcing new lay-offs. And not only in the financial sector. Yes, it is the economy doing a double dip after the credit crunch. Or is it? To survive difficult economic times companies […] Read more »