Strengthen, Simplify and Grow

turns into “Strengthen, Simplify and Shrink” as KPN “accelerates its transition in The Netherlands and continues to adjust to a changing external environment” – verbatim from its press and analyst presentations today. KPN’s transition seems to be accelerating in the wrong direction with a 63% drop in fourth-quarter profit and mobile customers increasingly transitioning to […] Read more »

KPN boasts 150.000 cloud subscriptions

That’s what they say: cloud subscriptions. But what’s in a name?  For instance, according to KPN webhosting is cloud. We would argue webhosting is, well…. webhosting! A quick look at KPN’s software online offerings also show they are very PC centric, with backup, storage and security not available as apps for iOS and Android. Also, […] Read more »

Personal Cloud: Beyond Control and Convenience

In one of our previous posts we wondered if Apple’s iCloud was such a great solution for consumers. Despite our reservations we do regard the concept of the personal cloud itself as perfectly fitting in today’s world of social networking and mobility: always being able to access and share your information wherever you are. Clearly […] Read more »

Customer Climate Change Hitting Dutch Telecom Operator

Tough times are ahead for (mobile) telecom operators. Yes, they knew it was coming, but the speed at which customers are embracing mobile VoIP and chat still surprised them. The measures Dutch telco KPN is forced to take should be a shot across the bow for operators across the globe. The METISfiles predicts a painful […] Read more »