Don’t Be Evil

Monopolies are markets with just one provider for a service or product. They are considered harmful as the lack of competition generally results in market inefficiencies at the expense of buyers. Most countries therefore have laws against the abuse of a company’s (near) monopolistic market position. In the past anti-trust suits were filed against AT&T […] Read more »

Tom Kabinet Lives Another Day

Amsterdam Court ruling on the Tom Cabinet case:”Selling second hand e-books through the Tom Kabinet website may for now continue” A month ago we wrote about the second hand e-book site of Tom Kabinet which was accused  of copyright infringement and supporting e-book piracy by the Dutch Trade Publishers Association GAU.  Although odds were against […] Read more »

The Curious Case of Tom Kabinet

In the recent past The METISfiles reported on traditional content publishers. We think they are an endangered species because they don’t seem to be able to come up with digital publishing value-add.  And now there is Tom Kabinet, another challenger to the publishing industry. In the world of books an e-book format is considered a […] Read more »

Google: Search & Destroy

The right to be forgotten was at stake in the EU court last week. It also was a classic David vs Goliath battle: the case of a Spanish citizen against information giant Google. The Spanish individual simply wanted to have the links removed that pointed to two pages of La Vanguardia newspaper mentioning a real […] Read more »

The App Economy: a Zero Sum Game

Since the introduction of the smartphone the ICT sector is no longer leading when it comes to information technology. The pendulum has definitely swung towards information as the key driver of growth rather than technology. It gets harder to amaze us with yet another mind blowing gadget. Instead we just ask ourselves: what can this […] Read more »

Against ETNO and ITU Internet Access Regulation

Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis published an excellent and comprehensive argumentation against a redefinition of Internet regulation the way ETNO and ITU are considering it. The ETNO proposal is ambiguous to say the least and fails to make a distinction between public Internet access on the one side and other managed Internet-like access services (IPTV […] Read more »