Charting the Dutch Digital Economy Part VI: Why E-Commerce Seems So Small

Businessmen, futurists, ICT evangelists, economists and even some politicians are wholeheartedly embracing digital transformation and the digital economy as the future for country, society and economy. And they agree that more should be done to facilitate that future. Unfortunately measuring the impact of digital transformation and sizing the digital economy proves to be tough as […] Read more »

The Future of Work: Rise of the Machines Part 3

Robots are hot these days. Until recently only some people feared that robots could and would take over much of our work. Most economists still believe that robots will free workers from laborious monotonous work in sweat shops. They will also readily admit that robots are about to take over more skilled work as well. […] Read more »

2015 Will Be a Very Interesting Year for Dutch Online Retail

After years of speculation finally went live. In 2011 we reported on Amazon’s international European expansion. Back in those days Italy and Spain were considered larger markets offering more opportunity for Amazon. In the Netherlands, Amazon will initially start selling 20.000 out of 35.000 existing Dutch e-book titles, and of course its 3 million […] Read more »

Tom Kabinet Lives Another Day

Amsterdam Court ruling on the Tom Cabinet case:”Selling second hand e-books through the Tom Kabinet website may for now continue” A month ago we wrote about the second hand e-book site of Tom Kabinet which was accused  of copyright infringement and supporting e-book piracy by the Dutch Trade Publishers Association GAU.  Although odds were against […] Read more »