Charting the Digital Economy: Part III

In our series on the digital economy we favor an alternative approach to measuring the size of the digital economy. We believe we should measure not just the value of digital goods and services but rather the digital value add. This gives a much better insight in how far digital technology has entered our economy. […] Read more »

The Curious Case of Tom Kabinet

In the recent past The METISfiles reported on traditional content publishers. We think they are an endangered species because they don’t seem to be able to come up with digital publishing value-add.  And now there is Tom Kabinet, another challenger to the publishing industry. In the world of books an e-book format is considered a […] Read more »

From Turing to Watson

Can machines think? This was the question Alan Turing asked himself in his research paper ‘Computing machinery and Intelligence‘ in 1950. To address that question he had to change it since the term ‘thinking’ was too difficult to define. He therefore choose to change the question into “Are there imaginable digital computers which would do […] Read more »

Charting the Digital Economy: Part II

In our previous blog The METISfiles argued that charting the Dutch digital economy should be done in a much broader context than just measuring end-user value of digital products and services. But new digital services based on the principle of sharing, as practiced for instance by Uber, Lyft, AirBNB, Taskrabbit, SpullenDelen or Thuisafgehaald, pose a […] Read more »

Charting The Digital Economy

Last year The METISfiles reported on the ongoing transformation from a traditional to a digital economy. But as the term ‘Digital Economy’ is increasingly used as a desired direction of our economic destiny we still have not much of a clue what it actually is. Most publications on this topic refer to a narrow concept […] Read more »

Google: Search & Destroy

The right to be forgotten was at stake in the EU court last week. It also was a classic David vs Goliath battle: the case of a Spanish citizen against information giant Google. The Spanish individual simply wanted to have the links removed that pointed to two pages of La Vanguardia newspaper mentioning a real […] Read more »