Digital Transformation and the Cloud

The METISfiles presented at the Box Launch Event in Amsterdam last week. Secure content platform provider Box is expanding in EMEA and Box Amsterdam will serve as the regional headquarters for the Benelux and Northern European countries. Our presentation focused on Digital Transformation and the Cloud. Digital transformation is enabled by social, mobile, analytics and […] Read more »

Charting the Digital Economy Part V: The Dutch Digital Footprint

In our previous blog we calculated the Dutch Gross Domestic Digital Product (GDDP) at € 129 billion almost a quarter of GDP. However this is only the direct effect of ICT on the Dutch economy. In reality the impact of ICT on the Dutch economy goes somewhat further than that. The € 129 billion of […] Read more »

Charting the Digital Economy: Part IV

Based on an extensive analysis of the Digital Value Add of Dutch organizations The METISfiles has valued the Gross Digital Domestic Product at €129 billion, 22% of Dutch GDP. Read more below! Digital Value Add In our previous discussions (here, here and here) surrounding the Dutch Digital economy we concluded that the current sizing is […] Read more »

Don’t Be Evil

Monopolies are markets with just one provider for a service or product. They are considered harmful as the lack of competition generally results in market inefficiencies at the expense of buyers. Most countries therefore have laws against the abuse of a company’s (near) monopolistic market position. In the past anti-trust suits were filed against AT&T […] Read more »

Charting the Digital Economy: Part III

In our series on the digital economy we favor an alternative approach to measuring the size of the digital economy. We believe we should measure not just the value of digital goods and services but rather the digital value add. This gives a much better insight in how far digital technology has entered our economy. […] Read more »