Telcos Beefing Up Cloud Efforts

Recent announcements show that communications service providers are busy beefing up their cloud efforts. TIBCO Extends Reach of its Enterprise Social Network tibbr with KPN and Amazon Web Services KPN’s Grip platform is squarely aimed at the multinational and large enterprise market. With Grip, CIOs can create a private cloud aggregation platform to serve up […] Read more »

Colt: Good And Bad

Colt just reported on its 2011 results. Last year we were a bit skeptic about Colt. All went well but no topline growth. Since 2005 Colt has undergone restructuring after reorganization to transform from a traditional voice driven carrier to a higher-end managed services provider by constantly investing in its network and managed services operation. […] Read more »

Colt: Time For The Silver Bullet

­­­­Sometimes you look at a company and think: they seem to be doing all the right things but why doesn’t it work? During the Colt Influencer Event 2011 in London it seemed indeed that Colt has come a long way from its telecom days, transforming into a state of the art ICT network solution provider. […] Read more »