Bring Your Own Deception

Cisco had an interesting Cisco Plus Virtual conference lined up running simultaneously in Brussels, Oslo,  Amsterdam and Stockholm. Part of the agenda focused around the new big trend: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). During the conference Cisco and partners stressed the importance of this trend but also that it needs carefully planning and preparation within […] Read more »

Will The iCloud Be Your Cloud?

These days it seems like everyone is an Apple aficionado. Apple is praised by many because they hang on to their strategy of building superior products. That has not always worked out as it does now. They may have had smarter and better products but they were unable to take advantage of it. In fact, […] Read more »

PC: Dead Or Alive

If we have to believe the media comments on the latest PC shipment numbers, the PC market is just about dead; thanks to the media tablets and smartphones. But when looking more closely at the shipment numbers the story is a bit more complex. Context calculated Dutch PC shipments in 2010 to be more than […] Read more »

Cisco and Videoconferencing: Mission Accomplished

Somewhere in the mid nineties Intel announced  that they were entering a new market: the market of videoconferencing. They were convinced that their timing was right and that the rapidly growing cost of business travel could be pushed back by organizations through adoption of teleconferencing technology. During conferences they showed the audience how it worked […] Read more »

E-Ink Reader at Crossroads

An estimated fifty thousand e-readers were shipped last year in the Netherlands. A disappointing result. The e-reader market seems to vanish before it even got started. The success of Apple’s iPad seems nothing less than a death warrant for the e-reader. Having shipped over a quarter of a million iPad devices in less than six […] Read more »