BMC Walks the Walk But Can It Talk the Talk?

Earlier this month The METISfiles joined BMC’s analyst conference in London. Some analysts had a vague memory of the last BMC analyst meeting about 7 years ago but nobody was really sure. The reason is probably the fact that, after BMC was taken private in 2013, it took them 2 years to restructure the company […] Read more »

Mind The Gap

“Mind the gap” is a warning to the IT department to take caution while crossing the gap between the enterprise IT infrastructure and employee and customer IT usage. There is more than just one gap, for instance: The gap between legacy IT infrastructure and the cloud. Our elastic enterprise theme is about enterprises that adapt […] Read more »

CIO Travel Guide: Navigating The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is that mythical place where ships and planes have disappeared under unknown circumstances never to be seen and heard of again. The triangle’s three vertices are in Miami, Puerto Rico and in the island of Bermuda. In the enterprise there is a similar triangle, with the three vertices representing the line of […] Read more »

The Zombie CIO

Just like zombies think they are alive while in actual fact they are pretty much dead, there are plenty CIOs that believe they are in charge of IT while in reality they are taking a backseat. Enter the Zombie CIO. And just like zombies can be pretty dangerous to those that are alive, Zombie CIOs […] Read more »

CIO Travel Guide For 2012

Rather than doing traditional analyst predictions we thought it would be a good idea to give you an infographic to mull over for the holiday season and to use as your personal travel guide on your IT voyage through 2012. Three Destinations We think there are three destinations that will be on your itinerary. The […] Read more »