Rackspace Shocking News: Dutch Businesses Invest Heavily in Big Data

Last week Rackspace sent out a press release stating that Dutch businesses are betting heavily on Big Data in 2015. The statement was based on a quick poll amongst visitors of their Dutch Innovation Day last January. During the event Rackspace Chief Technologist Chris Jackson shared his view of the future with the audience. His […] Read more »

From Turing to Watson

Can machines think? This was the question Alan Turing asked himself in his research paper ‘Computing machinery and Intelligence‘ in 1950. To address that question he had to change it since the term ‘thinking’ was too difficult to define. He therefore choose to change the question into “Are there imaginable digital computers which would do […] Read more »

The Digital Punch Clock

The promise of big data is finding useful correlations between numerous data sets and variables in a short time span and applying the outcomes for business or scientific purposes. But before reaping those benefits we need data. Fortunately there’s plenty of data available for analysis. The Digital Universe study, sponsored by EMC, estimates that in […] Read more »

Big Data – Big Decisions

Meest uitgebreide studie naar gebruik en adoptie van Big Data en Big Analytics in Nederland! The METISfiles en Keala Consultancy presenteren de resultaten van het Big Data – Big Decisions onderzoek. Dit onderzoek is een in eigen beheer uitgevoerd multi-client onderzoek naar het perspectief van Big Data en Big Analytics in Nederland. In juni 2013 […] Read more »

Big Data Maakt Vliegende Start in Nederland

Breda / Monnickendam, 29 augustus 2013 – Keala en The METISfiles hebben onderzoek gedaan onder 600 CEO’s, CIO’s en CMO’s over het gebruik van Big Data. Uit de resultaten blijkt ondermeer het volgende: Big Data maakt een vliegende start door in Nederland. Adoptie van Big Data onder bedrijven met meer dan 50 werkzame personen ligt […] Read more »