Belgian SaaS Accounting Providers Stuck In The Dark Ages

Only 40% of the top 125 Belgian cloud providers in our most recent cloudscape offer online ordering and onboarding. Worst offenders? HRM and online accounting providers. Best in class? IaaS and communications providers. Check out the graph below to find out how other categories perform. The average result mirrors that of the top 250 Dutch […] Read more »

Top 125 Belgian Public Cloud Computing Providers

Amsterdam, 24th February 2014 – IT Industry Analyst firm The METISfiles has released the inaugurate version of the Belgian Public Cloudscape. Designed to highlight the local Belgian SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS provider ecosystem, the Belgian Cloudscape provides a snapshot of who the most important cloud providers are in Belgium and in which cloud segments and […] Read more »

Cloudscape Belgium

This is the placeholder for future updates of our Belgian Public Cloudscape. For the most current version check the figure below. Update October 14, 2014: We are currently at version 1.1. The Cloudscape now totals 126 companies of which 22% appear in multiple categories resulting in a total of 144 entries. We’ve created three additional […] Read more »