Partner Ecosystem

Each day we choose and select networks and communities that we interact with. Not a single  person goes a day without network interaction. Like an ecosystem, we are a community that, together with its physical environment is considered as a unit. And like natural ecosystems, business ecosystems depict relationships and interdependencies within that unit.

The emergence of the elastic enterprise and connected consumer causes disruption in the existing ecosystems. We no longer see where our networks begin or end, they collide. There are no leaders or followers, however the combined behavior of a network influences market trends and technology adoption.

Partner networks can offer new routes to market, foster innovation, create new business, enable technology transfer, or build market power. The METISfiles will focus its partner ecosystem research on partner dynamics, and changing partner strategies that support and adapt to the changing on-demand ICT market. We will identify partner best practices, and look at vendors who have successfully leveraged or expanded their partner ecosystem.

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