Elastic Enterprise

Enterprises can no longer afford to be large mammoth tankers that only marginally change course when the captain steers the rudder in a different direction. In today’s global and fast changing economy only the most nimble and agile enterprise will prove to be the fittest survivor.

The availability of a global telecommunications infrastructure has leveled the playing field and has allowed enterprises to become more distributed and to operate key business functions such as finance, manufacturing and customer contact centres across the world.

In a quest for increased profitability and efficiency, the outsourcing and offshoring of non-core competencies to geographic areas with high-skilled and low-cost labour availability have become increasingly popular.

The METISfiles believes that on-demand consumption of IT and Telecommunications infrastructure, platforms, software and services will be the new ICT paradigm for the new enterprise. In our research we will look at how Enterprise users are progressing towards this paradigm and how ICT solutions are able to fulfill the on-demand promise.

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