Dutch Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Mobile operators enter the hosted IP Telephony market and hosted IP Telephony players enter the mobile market. With the lines between fixed and mobile communications blurring, the battle for the converged customer looking for a single contract, a single number, and a unified communications experience is heating up. Two cases in point: April 2nd, Vodafone […] Read more »

Are You Looking For Growth in 2012?

If so, you probably think the Netherlands is not the place to be right now. Not in general and not for ICT vendors. The economy is in recession, the government is cutting budgets, the financial markets are volatile, IT services firms are in the doldrums, the ICT market is shrinking, the mobile market is down, […] Read more »

Benelux IT Services Market In The Doldrums

Yes, it is official. It is not good to be a market leader in the Benelux IT services market. We already hinted that Q4 would be grim a couple of months ago. And it is. Atos down 10%; Cap Gemini down 8%; Ordina down 8%; Logica down 5%; KPN Corporate down 3%; All five combined […] Read more »

To Joyn Or Not To Joyn

That is the question. What is joyn? It is the operator answer to OTT messaging and file sharing services such as WhatsApp and Dropbox. Why do operators need an answer? Because their mobile voice and text messaging platforms are burning. Is joyn the only solution? No, operators can force customers to buy SMS bundles through […] Read more »

Exact to Challenge Channel Issues as SaaS Adoption Grows

Yesterday Exact announced its full year results for 2011. Departing Exact CEO Max Timmer said: ”I am happy, but not satisfied”. Especially the results for the Benelux region have been disappointing, with a 13% decline in license revenues. Exact explains that there are several reasons for the disappointing growth (or rather, unexpected decline). Increased customer […] Read more »

Partnerships, Channels & Alliances – Who Does What Exactly?

The IT community has many residents, all co-existing and depending on each other. It’s what we dub the IT ecosystem – a system where suppliers and users co-exist and are mutually dependent on each other to survive. Or as Iansiti / Levien said in 2004: “In networked industrial environments, the performance of any organization is […] Read more »