Service Providers In A Hybrid Multi-Cloud World

We recently wrote about systems integration in a multi-cloud world and argued that IT services vendors should position themselves as cloud integrators and orchestrators to continue to play an important role for their customers. But there are more players in the value chain that will reposition themselves. The graph below provides a snapshot: Carriers – […] Read more »

Top 1500 European Public Cloud Computing Providers

In our continuing Cloudscape research efforts we now have covered Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. If you have been following our research blog you will have noticed that for each country we cover we also provide some analysis on popular XaaS categories, hosting locations, and the ability to offer […] Read more »

System Integration In A Multi-Cloud World

Business leaders are looking at technology as a key strategic asset for dealing with the accelerated pace of change. Managers of customer facing business units are eager to unleash the full potential of Big Data. The cloud is becoming the connection between business and technology. How can IT services players harness the power of technology, […] Read more »

Majority of Finnish Cloud Providers Do Not Offer Online Ordering And Onboarding

Only 43% of the top 125 Finnish cloud providers in our most recent cloudscape offer online ordering and onboarding. Worst offenders? Communications and Finance/ERP providers. Best in class? Collaboration, Time Management and PaaS providers. Check out the graph below to find out how other categories perform. Providers that have a hosting partner are much more […] Read more »

Top 125 Finnish Public Cloud Providers

IT industry analyst firm The METISfiles has released the inaugurate version of the Finnish Public Cloudscape. Designed to highlight the XaaS provider ecosystem in Finland, the Finnish Cloudscape provides a snapshot of who the most important Finnish cloud providers are and in which cloud segments and categories they specialize. Version 1.0 visualizes more than 125 […] Read more »

Cloudscape Finland

This is the placeholder for future updates of our Finnish Public Cloudscape. For the most current version check the figure below. Inaugural version: Version 1.0 visualizes more than 125 cloud providers. SaaS is the most popular segment with 62% of entries. 36% of entries are IaaS providers and 2% are PaaS providers. Within the SaaS […] Read more »