How Alliances Can Drive Innovation: Which Alliance Type Is Right For You?

Innovation is the process whereby organizations transform ideas into improved products, service or processes, in order to advance, compete and differentiate themselves successfully in their marketplace. Alliances can have a defining role in this process. Cooperation between vendors, suppliers, consumers and  competitors provide complementary know-how and skills. However, not every alliance type supports innovation. For […] Read more »

E-Ink Reader at Crossroads

An estimated fifty thousand e-readers were shipped last year in the Netherlands. A disappointing result. The e-reader market seems to vanish before it even got started. The success of Apple’s iPad seems nothing less than a death warrant for the e-reader. Having shipped over a quarter of a million iPad devices in less than six […] Read more »

Four Public Cloud Computing Scenarios: Planning For The Cloud

Scenario planning is used by business strategists to prepare their companies for different futures. Why is this necessary? Simply because predicting the future is not an exact science. If the future cannot be known it is only prudent to be prepared for several permutations of possible futures. A popular way of scenario planning is sketching […] Read more »

The METISfiles: Nieuw Onderzoeksinitiatief voor de ICT Industrie

21 Maart 2011, Amsterdam ICT onderzoeksveteranen Pim Bilderbeek, Simone de Bruin en Marcel Warmerdam slaan de handen in één en starten het onderzoek en advies bureau The METISfiles. Met een gezamenlijke ervaring van meer dan 60 jaar in de ICT industrie focussen zij zich volledig op het oplossen van strategische issues voor het management in […] Read more »

The METISfiles: New Research and Consulting Firm for ICT Executives

March 21st 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ICT research veterans Pim Bilderbeek, Simone de Bruin and Marcel Warmerdam join forces and launch research and consulting firm the METISfiles. Having worked a combined 60 years in the ICT research industry they aim for complete client focus and are dedicated to solving strategic issues for executives in the […] Read more »


Toen koning Shirham van Sissa een prachtig schaakspel had gekregen vroeg de koning hoe hij hem hiervoor kon belonen. Sissa antwoordde dat hij graag op het eerste vlak van het schaakbord één graankorrel zag, en op elk daarna volgende vlak de dubbele hoeveelheid graankorrels van het voorgaande vlak. De berg graan waarmee Sissa naar huis […] Read more »