Prison Guards Terminated

Ask a prison guard what he thinks about his work and he will answer ‘I hate my job’. The good news is that in Korea the government has listened carefully to the overworked prison guards and has come up with a plan to lower the workload by assigning robots as prison guards. In our blog […] Read more »

Flimsy Drimpy

Personal Clouds come in many shapes and sizes. Drimpy (what’s in a name?) is a social platform for patients and healthcare workers to facilitate better and more efficient communication and can act as your Personal Health Cloud. In contrast to the EPD (Elektronisch patiëntendossier) initiative, emerging health platforms like Drimpy are – like all social […] Read more »

KPN boasts 150.000 cloud subscriptions

That’s what they say: cloud subscriptions. But what’s in a name?  For instance, according to KPN webhosting is cloud. We would argue webhosting is, well…. webhosting! A quick look at KPN’s software online offerings also show they are very PC centric, with backup, storage and security not available as apps for iOS and Android. Also, […] Read more »