Getting Rid Of E-Waste

Dutch EU member of parliament Gerben Jan Gerbrandy (D66) wants to collect electronic waste the same way we collect empty bottles and paper. Just dump it in the e-waste bin. A brilliant solution to a growing problem. But why haven’t we thought of it before? Interestingly the nature of the e-waste problem has changed over […] Read more »

Strengthen, Simplify and Grow

turns into “Strengthen, Simplify and Shrink” as KPN “accelerates its transition in The Netherlands and continues to adjust to a changing external environment” – verbatim from its press and analyst presentations today. KPN’s transition seems to be accelerating in the wrong direction with a 63% drop in fourth-quarter profit and mobile customers increasingly transitioning to […] Read more »

The Elephant In The Room

“Yeah, we are a Telco” was the message from BlueVia, the new API program from Telefonica, on their Silicon Valley Tour last year. And, “yes, we know what you are all thinking: telcos suck” they continued. Not the usual marketing message you get from telcos, but necessary to grab the attention of web and app […] Read more »

Telco Culpa, Telco Maxima Culpa

Says Jens Schulte-Bockum, CEO of Vodafone Netherlands on the company’s corporate blog. And goes on to highlight why the telco industry must rebuild its reputation on service relevance, network quality, customer service, price perception, and sustainability. We wonder whether Rob Shuter, who will be CEO as of March 1, 2012, feels the same way. But […] Read more »

Does Cisco CloudVerse Rhyme?

Or is it just a bunch of marketing couplets? We think it looks like free verse for now. According to Cisco, CloudVerse is an integrated set of capabilities that enables customers to deliver cloud applications and services by uniquely combining the unified data center and cloud intelligent network. But today it looks more like a […] Read more »