Dutch Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Mobile operators enter the hosted IP Telephony market and hosted IP Telephony players enter the mobile market. With the lines between fixed and mobile communications blurring, the battle for the converged customer looking for a single contract, a single number, and a unified communications experience is heating up. Two cases in point: April 2nd, Vodafone […] Read more »

Bring Your Own Deception

Cisco had an interesting Cisco Plus Virtual conference lined up running simultaneously in Brussels, Oslo,  Amsterdam and Stockholm. Part of the agenda focused around the new big trend: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). During the conference Cisco and partners stressed the importance of this trend but also that it needs carefully planning and preparation within […] Read more »

Are You Looking For Growth in 2012?

If so, you probably think the Netherlands is not the place to be right now. Not in general and not for ICT vendors. The economy is in recession, the government is cutting budgets, the financial markets are volatile, IT services firms are in the doldrums, the ICT market is shrinking, the mobile market is down, […] Read more »

To Joyn Or Not To Joyn

That is the question. What is joyn? It is the operator answer to OTT messaging and file sharing services such as WhatsApp and Dropbox. Why do operators need an answer? Because their mobile voice and text messaging platforms are burning. Is joyn the only solution? No, operators can force customers to buy SMS bundles through […] Read more »

Colt: Good And Bad

Colt just reported on its 2011 results. Last year we were a bit skeptic about Colt. All went well but no topline growth. Since 2005 Colt has undergone restructuring after reorganization to transform from a traditional voice driven carrier to a higher-end managed services provider by constantly investing in its network and managed services operation. […] Read more »

Move Over SOA, Here Comes API

Remember service orientated architecture (SOA)? Enterprise and IT architects embraced SOA as a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services. The goal of SOA is to improve interoperability between internal business processes. But here comes API. Unlike SOA, the goal of API is to promote and […] Read more »