IBM adds new all-flash hardware to its evolving software defined storage strategy

I can identify 4 developments for a storage system supplier from the provider of point products, through unification (getting all storage systems under a single management schema), to federation (adding the ability to address other vendors’ arrays) all the way to ‘software defined’ – which in this context means the ability to manage numerous storage […] Read more »

VCE Announces VxRack – Extends Itself From Block To Rack

What’s VCE Announcing? This week VCE introduced the VxRack – a rack-based addition to its converged infrastructure and integrated platform vBlock machines, expanding its participation in the CIandIS market from 2 to 4 of the 5 layers (see Figure). The 2 new VxRack models are: 1032 – a multi-hypervisor (vSphere, KVM, Hyper-v, bare metal) machine […] Read more »

HP Converged Systems – New Business Unit, New Systems

HP ConvergedSystem Highlights Launches ConvergedSystem brand and adjusts the organisation, brand, offerings and features Improves the ordering process Continues to focus on indirect sales Adds OneView secret sauce orchestration software Announces 5 new ConvergedSystems Moves up the CIandIS stack Will need to move rapidly to address 2014 opportunities In our view HP’s approach to Converged […] Read more »

Defining Tablets – The Three Ringed Circus

Market researchers need to define what features make a workstation more than a PC, or a ‘smart’ phone more than a feature phone, if they want to size and forecast their markets. In the case of tablets there are significant challenges as these products are the conflux of a number of different products, business models […] Read more »