Dutch market for cloud & hosting services grows 5 times faster than the total IT market

The use of cloud-based services in the area of ​​application hosting, web hosting, server platforms, as well as storage, backup, security and workplace automation is growing 5 times faster in the Netherlands compared to the total IT market. This is one of the striking results of a study into the market for cloud and hosting services performed by DHPA knowledge partner and research agency The METISfiles.

The research bureau calculates that the total market for Information Technology-related expenditure in the Netherlands in 2017 amounted to 33.6 billion euros and the prognosis for 2018 shows a growth to 34.5 billion euros. The share for cloud and hosting services in 2017 is approximately 2 billion euros (7%) and is growing very fast.

The Dutch sector for cloud and hosting service providers has a very large number of smaller companies. The 4900 companies that sell cloud & hosting services provide employment for 13,000 people.

In a market sector that is developing rapidly, international investments, international expansion and consolidation play a dominant role. The METISfiles predicts that demand for cloud & hosting services will continue to grow. At the same time providers are changing their focus from offering services from the provider’s own infrastructure to managing global cloud players infrastructure and third-party environments.

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