The Foundation of our Digital Economy

A study into the digital building blocks that enable the data-driven economy

Digitalisation is a force that is significantly changing our economy. We are increasingly dependent on online services. The infrastructure of networks, data centers and cloud providers that enables these services plays a crucial role but is largely hidden from view. There is insufficient knowledge about how this digital infrastructure is built and what its significance is for the economy and society.

The interdependence of data, networks, data centers, cloud providers and the digital services that they make possible is described in detail for the first time in the (Dutch) report ‘Fundament voor onze digitale economie’. The report is the result of a collaboration between the industry associations Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA), Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA), ISPConnect and market research and consulting firm the METISfiles.

Based on a taxonomy of the Digital Economy (see Figure below), the report provides a blueprint of the emerging digital value chain.

The Digital Economy

The report provides real life examples of the mission critical services that data centers and cloud & hosting providers deliver such as, for instance, the uninterrupted provisioning of IT services to energy companies or the continuous safeguarding of 24/7 customer access to webshops in both peak and off-peak hours.

It illustrates the importance of the Dutch digital infrastructure sector with the fact that a quarter of the Dutch Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is already generated through digitized business processes. In some Dutch sectors, such as financial services and information & communication, digitized business processes even generate 90% or more of the value add.

However, in order for the Dutch digital sector and general economy to fully participate in the digitalisation that is currently transforming the global economy, some obstacles need to be removed. The report therefore concludes with eight recommendations that are designed to enhance cooperation and coordination between the various stakeholders, including government, education and business.

Download your (Dutch) copy here.

Download an abbreviated English version here.

The Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA), Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) and ISPConnect together represent a substantial part of the Dutch digital infrastructure sector. Their members and partners daily engage in the digital economy and prioritize reliability, security and the provisioning of quality services. This report, created in collaboration with market research & consulting firm The METISfiles, is intended to promote the importance of the digital economy among a broad public.

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