Top 1500 European Public Cloud Computing Providers

In our continuing Cloudscape research efforts we now have covered Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. If you have been following our research blog you will have noticed that for each country we cover we also provide some analysis on popular XaaS categories, hosting locations, and the ability to offer online ordering and onboarding. We have now combined the nine countries we currently cover into a Top 1500.

The Top 1500 currently contains 1571 XaaS offerings. SaaS remains the most popular segment with 70% of entries. 27% of entries are IaaS providers and only 3% offer PaaS services.

Within the SaaS segment, Communications and Finance/ERP are the leading SaaS offerings with 14% of SaaS vendors respectively. Online Workspace commands a 9% share of SaaS followed by  CRM (7%), Collaboration (5%), HRM (5%), Digital Marketing (5%), Time Management (3%), Healthcare (2%) and Document Management (2%). The “other” segment (34%) has a wide variety of specialisations of which Online Payment, Security and Project Management are some of the more popular ones.

Other interesting characteristics of the Top 1500 providers include:

  • 57% of SaaS providers have an IaaS partner, 43% have their own infrastructure
  • 53% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner have their production site located in a home country data centre, 28% are in another European country, 19% are in the US
  • 59% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner provide online ordering and onboarding compared to 20% of those that have their own infrastructure

Check out the infographic below (click on the picture to enlarge):

Europe Cloudscape Infographic

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