Top 125 Norwegian Public Cloud Providers

IT industry analyst firm The METISfiles has released the inaugurate version of the Norwegian Public Cloudscape. Designed to highlight the local Norwegian XaaS provider ecosystem, the Norwegian Cloudscape provides a snapshot of who the most important Norwegian cloud providers are and in which cloud segments and categories they specialize.

Version 1.0 visualizes more than 125 cloud providers. SaaS is the most popular segment with 68% of entries. 32% of entries are IaaS providers.

Within the SaaS segment, Communications is the leading SaaS offering with 13% of SaaS vendors. Finance/ERP commands a 10% share of SaaS followed by Digital Marketing (9%), Online Workspace (5%), HRM (5%) and Time Management (3%). The “other” segment (55%) has a wide variety of specialisations.

Other interesting characteristics of Norwegian SaaS providers include:

  • 65% of SaaS providers have an IaaS partner, 35% have their own infrastructure
  • 38% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner are located in a Norwegian data centre, 34% are in another European country, 29% are in the US
  • 60% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner provide online ordering and onboarding compared to 11% of those that have their own infrastructure

Check out the infographic below.

A digital copy and logographic of the Norwegian Cloudscape can be downloaded here.

Norway Cloudscape Infographic v1.0

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