More than Half of Danish SaaS Vendors Hosted in Denmark

Of the 92 SaaS vendors we identified in our Danish cloudscape, 30% operate their own infrastructure. The other 70% partner with a hosting provider. More than 50% of those have their production site hosted inside Denmark (see Figure below).

Production Site Denmark

The most popular hosting partners for Danish SaaS vendors are Amazon (15%), Hetzner (12%), Microsoft (6%), Netgroup (6%), Rackspace (6%) and TDC Hosting (6%). The remaining 49% is split across a wide variety of vendors (see Figure below).

Hosting Partner Denmark

Should you care where and with whom your data is located? Yes, you should. When evaluating SaaS vendors it is important to understand whether they own their own infrastructure, which hosting partner they have if they do not, and which data centres their own or hosting partner infrastructure is located in. Also, you should know which jurisdiction(s), rules and regulations your data resides under.

More information on cloud providers in all Nordic countries can be downloaded at the website of our sponsor.

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