Cloudscape Denmark

This is the placeholder for future updates of our Danish Public Cloudscape. For the most current version check the figure below.

Update November 2016: We are currently at version 1.1. The Cloudscape now totals more than 175  entries. We’ve created a new Time Management SaaS category. Click on the Figure below to enlarge.

Inaugural version: Version 1.0 visualizes 143 cloud providers. SaaS is the most popular segment with 64% of entries. 36% of entries are IaaS providers.

Within the SaaS segment, Finance/ERP is the leading SaaS offering with 17% of SaaS vendors. Online Workspace commands a 10% share of SaaS followed by Communications (9%), eCommerce (9%), CRM (8%) and Payment (7%). The “other” segment (41%) has a wide variety of specialisations.

The full Danish Cloudscape report containing more trends & analysis can be downloaded at the website of our sponsor.



  • The cloudscape is a snapshot of the local SaaS, PaaS and IaaS provider landscape. Although we strive to be as complete as possible, the cloudscape is an ongoing research effort. We will release updated versions of the cloudscape to reflect our growing database.
  • The cloudscape is based on desk research.
  • Only companies that have their worldwide HQ in Denmark are eligible for the list.
  • Only companies that sell (public) cloud services to the business market are included, we do not include consumer cloud. Companies that simply resell other vendor’s (public) cloud services are not included in our list.

We welcome your feedback on the list and on any Danish public cloud players that we may have omitted.

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2 Responses to “Cloudscape Denmark”

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  1. Hi Pim, I have with great interest read your report Cloudscape 2016 ” An Overfview of the Swedish and Danish cloud market”. You have omittled Jansson Kommunikation A/S. Jansson is one of the biggeste Danish public cloud players supplying. CaaS, NaaS, IaaS eg. Have at look on the website.

  2. Pim Bilderbeek says:

    Hi Claus, thanks for your input, we will take Jansson Kommunikation into consideration for our next version.