Top 750 European SaaS Providers

Last year we published an infographic covering the Top 1000 European Public Cloud Computing Providers. Since then we have updated our Dutch and Spanish Cloudscape and we are working on Cloudscapes for Sweden and Denmark (if you are interested in sponsoring these, please contact Simone de Bruin). For a closer look at the characteristics of the European SaaS ecosystem we have now combined the five countries we currently cover into a European SaaS Top 750. Check out the table below for more information (click on the picture to enlarge):

Top 750 European SaaS Providers

Some interesting characteristics of the European SaaS Top 750 include:

  • The leading SaaS category is Finance/ERP in Belgium, Germany and Spain. In the Netherlands, the leading SaaS category is Online Workspace offered by 19% of SaaS providers. In the UK, the Communications category (21% of SaaS providers) leads.
  • Germany (46%) and Spain (43%) have the highest percentage of SaaS providers that offer online ordering and onboarding. Netherlands (32%), Belgium (34%) and UK (34%) all have lower rates.
  • The percentage of SaaS providers that have outsourced their IaaS infrastructure ranges between 50% (Germany and UK) and 63% (Belgium).
  • The percentage of SaaS providers that have their SaaS instance hosted in-country varies greatly. German SaaS providers (84%) have the highest percentage in-country, while only a minority (27%) of Spanish SaaS providers have their production platform hosted in Spain.
  • Amazon is the leading IaaS partner in the Netherlands and the UK, OVH in Belgium and Spain, Hetzner in Germany.

For more information on The METISfiles European SaaS Top 750, please contact Pim Bilderbeek.

Check out our Cloudscapes for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK and Spain.

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