Leading IaaS Partners of European SaaS ISVs

Three weeks ago we published our Top 1000 European public cloud computing providers infographic, covering the local cloud provider ecosystem in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The infographic shows, amongst other insights, that 71% of European cloud providers are SaaS providers and that 54% of those partner with an IaaS vendor for managing their production software site. In our partner ecosystem research we also look at who these IaaS partners are.

The most popular IaaS partners for European SaaS vendors are Amazon (15%), OVH (8%), Hetzner (6%), 1&1 (6%), Rackspace (6%), Microsoft (3%) and Host Europe (3%). The remainder 53% is split across a wide variety of providers (see Figure below).

Leading IaaS Partners of European SaaS ISVs

While Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft are household names, companies like OVH (France), Hetzner (Germany), 1&1 (Germany) and Host Europe (Germany) are less well known. OVH claims an installed base of 170,000 servers in 17 datacenters across 17 countries. Hetzner operates two datacenters in Germany and three in South Africa. 1&1 claims an installed base of over 70,000 servers and is active in Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, US, Canada and Mexico. 1&1 is part of United Internet AG which also has brands such as Arsys, Fasthosts and Versatel. Host Europe claims an installed base of 24,000 servers in its two datacenters in Cologne.

Want to know more? Check out the market shares for Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and UK.

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