Top 150 Belgian Public Cloud Providers

We have updated our Belgian Cloudscape. Version 1.1 is now online and visualizes 126 cloud providers of which 22% are active in more than one segment or category, resulting in a total of 144 entries. SaaS remains the most popular segment with 69% of entries. 29% of entries are IaaS providers and only 2% offer PaaS services.

Within the SaaS segment, Finance/ERP is the leading SaaS offering with 19% of SaaS vendors. Communications commands a 18% share of SaaS followed by Online Workspace (11%), HRM (9%), Collaboration (4%), Digital Marketing (4%) and Healthcare (4%). The “other” segment (30%) has a wide variety of specialisations.

Other interesting characteristics of Belgian SaaS providers include:

  • 63% of SaaS providers have an IaaS partner, 37% have their own infrastructure
  • 39% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner are located in a Belgian data centre, 47% are in another European country, 14% are in the US
  • 38% of SaaS providers that have an IaaS partner provide online ordering and onboarding compared to 27% of those that have their own infrastructure

Check out the infographic below:

Belgium Cloudscape Infographic

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