Majority of Spanish Cloud Providers Do Not Offer Online Ordering And Onboarding

Only 41% of the top 200 Spanish cloud providers in our most recent cloudscape offer online ordering and onboarding. Worst offenders? Communications and healthcare providers. Best in class? Collaboration providers. Check out the graph below to find out how other categories perform.

Spanish Cloud Onboarding

Providers that have a hosting partner are much more likely to offer online ordering and onboarding (see Figure below).

Spanish SaaS Hosting

62% of SaaS providers on hosted infrastructure provide onboarding with a swipe of the credit card. Only 21% of those that operate their own infrastructure do the same.

Consumer buying behaviour is shifting, and the customer buying experience is becoming increasingly important. CIO’s no longer control what comes in and what goes out, they are increasingly pushed by employees’ BYOD and BYOapp into the enterprise. It seems the majority of Spanish SaaS vendors are not ready yet for this shift. Are you?

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