HP Data Centers and The Cloud

AlphacloudThe METISfiles presented at the official opening of HP’s second cloud data center in the Benelux in Mechelen this week.

HP has been busy building out its cloud data center footprint across the world. In the Benelux customers now have the opportunity to source HP’s managed private and virtual cloud services from twin data centers in an active-active configuration. Customers can choose either a private (single tenant) or virtual (multitenant) cloud or a hybrid solution encompassing both.

In Mechelen HP partners with data center provider AlphaCloud, in Roosendaal (the twin data center) HP partners with Colt.

HP is not just targeting enterprise customers with its revamped cloud portfolio. Last week HP announced the HP Helion Network to serve independent software vendors, developers, system integrators and value-added resellers. The METISfiles follows these new local cloud ecosystem players closely, check out our recent cloudscape infographics to find out who they are.

Our presentation focused on data, data centers and the digital economy. In a nutshell:

Digital data is the new raw material. It is being processed, stored and distributed in data centers. In the traditional economy the printing press created newspapers with ink and paper, in the digital economy bits are transformed into online news in the data center. In the traditional enterprise employees informally shared social news through watercooler chat, in the digital economy they share it with the world through the data centers of Facebook. In the traditional economy we browsed the shelves of CDs and DVDs in the record store, in the digital economy we have the world’s music library streamed to our smartphones from the data centers of Spotify. In the increasingly connected landscape of the digital economy data centers are the new industrial estates.

Below you can find the slides of the presentation. The slides are embedded in this post but can also be downloaded on slideshare.

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