Dutch Businesses Embracing Big Data

SAP Big Data ForumLast week, METISfiles principal analyst Marcel Warmerdam presented the results of the Multi Client Study “Big Data, Big Decisions” at SAP’s Big Data Forum.

During the period of May – July 2013 the METISfiles and Keala conducted 550 interviews with Dutch business and ICT managers of 50+ organizations regarding their Big Data perceptions and plans. This large scale research effort resulted into an in-depth analysis of the plans, motives and actions of Dutch businesses in their response to the ever growing data flood. It shows there is a growing awareness that there is value in data, and that a Big Data project is not just another ICT task. More in particular Marcel discussed:

  • The expanding data usage within Dutch organizations. The expanding digital universe is not just a global phenomenon. Dutch organizations anticipate a doubling of their data every year. Currently 30% indicates their data sets have volumes between 1 and 10 TB but within 3 years 30% of the same respondents expect the size of their data sets to be between 10 and 100 TB. The percentage of companies running data sets of 1+ PB will increase from 7 to 18%.
  • The increasing awareness of the value of data by business management. Big Data is not just another ICT gadget. Unlike trends such as cloud and mobile, business managers are taking a deep interest in Big Data as strategic tool. Moreover, from the research it appears that 45% of business managers consider Big Data the most relevant ICT trend. 38% of ICT managers regard Big Data as the most relevant ICT theme.
  • Big Data is more than an ICT project. As a result of business managers’ interest in Big Data they also tend to be much more in the driving seat of these projects in terms of budget, management and decision making than with any other ICT related project. Already some 30% of the Big Data projects is financed by business budgets (either from corporate or business units). As shadow IT budgets are on the rise this trend is likely to accelerate over the next three years.

Currently 6% of Dutch organizations have an operational Big Data project. At the same time 13% are implementing, evaluating, or have solid plans for Big Data projects. Based on these plans, the current penetration rate and the fast development of Big Data technologies and solutions, the METISfiles predicts that Big Data adoption in the Netherlands will double by the end of 2014. This forecast is further supported by the fact that 67% of the respondents state that by 2016 Big Data technologies will be a necessity in their own organization. Only 25% of the respondents say they do not see the value of Big Data for their organization any time soon.

Check out the slides of the (Dutch) presentation below!


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