Big Data, Big Decisions: Dutch Datacenter & Hosting Summit 2012


DDHS hosted it annual conference in De Meervaart focussing on Big Data and its potential benefits to the enterprise. Both the IT industry and IT end-user community realise that the stakes are high and that unleashing the full potential of Big Data will be a central theme for organization’s information strategies for the years to come.

METISfiles IT industry analyst Marcel Warmerdam presented at the Dutch Datacenter & Hosting Summit 2012 in De Meervaart on Big Data. In his presentation Marcel dug into issues surrounding Big Data in the enterprise. Although he was convinced of the tremendous opportunities Big Data has to offer he also warned enterprises that Big Data is not a panacea.

Key messages of Marcel’s presentation were:

  1. Big Data is here to stay and will unleash its full potential in the next 4 years
  2. There is still time to think about your Big Data strategy, don’t go all-in yet
  3. For Business executives: watch out for Big Data as a Religion
  4. For CIOs : be the Big Data tour guide not the operator
  5. Think big but start small

Below you can find the slides of the presentation. The slides are embedded in this post but can also be downloaded from slideshare.

In the first half of 2013 The METISfiles and Keala Research will start a multi client study into the user and vendor perspectives of Big Data. If you want to know more about this study mail us at or

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