Are You Looking For Growth in 2012?

If so, you probably think the Netherlands is not the place to be right now. Not in general and not for ICT vendors. The economy is in recession, the government is cutting budgets, the financial markets are volatile, IT services firms are in the doldrums, the ICT market is shrinking, the mobile market is down, the guilder is coming back (or is it?).

But there are at least some pockets of growth for ICT in 2012 (and beyond) that every ICT vendor should explore. The METISfiles predicts that enterprise spend on public cloud services will grow 39% in 2012 to reach €449 million. Software as a service (SaaS) is the largest segment of the public cloud, and will grow 36% to reach €302 million. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will grow 41% to reach €111 million. Platform as a service (PaaS) will grow 54% to reach €36 million.

OK, so a net additional spend of €126 million in public cloud is not going to offset a loss of €200 million in IT services in 2011 or a loss of €700 million in the ICT sector as a whole (including telecoms) in 2012. But ignore the public cloud at your peril. Our long range forecast predicts this market to reach €959 million by 2015. And this forecast is based on our patchy cloud scenario. If the happy cloud scenario is more prevalent, the Dutch public cloud size in 2015 will be well over €1 billion.

For example, we estimate the total addressable market for Dutch SaaS CRM to be €400 million. So far, market leader Salesforce has only scratched the surface in addressing this opportunity.

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