Does Cisco CloudVerse Rhyme?

Or is it just a bunch of marketing couplets? We think it looks like free verse for now.

According to Cisco, CloudVerse is an integrated set of capabilities that enables customers to deliver cloud applications and services by uniquely combining the unified data center and cloud intelligent network. But today it looks more like a bundle of existing Cisco products on top of which run pre-tested cloud applications and services from Cisco and third parties. No doubt we will see further integration down the road.

Cisco is not the only networking company staking a claim in cloud. We were recently briefed by Alcatel-Lucent on the Carrier Cloud.

Both Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent want to capitalize on the opportunity of selling cloud technology to operators. We are not so bullish on operator’s capability to compete in selling cloud service to enterprises, check out our 12 reasons why.

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