Amazon Going Local

And there it was, a local language Kindle. Amazon has taken the plunge and moves yet again into other language territories. After having launched a German- and a French-language Kindle it was clear that the Amazon train would not stop there. This time Italy and Spain got their local Kindle. But the train moves on.

A few days ago Emerce reported that was conducting research into the Dutch reader’s attitude towards new online book stores, clearly anticipating an Amazon appearance on the Dutch market in 2012. In an earlier blog on the e-reader we predicted that prices would have to drop considerably for it to become a preferred reading device. At 99 Euro for the Kindle, Amazon has set a very compelling bar.

The METISfiles would welcome Amazon in the Dutch  market as it will stir up the entrenched publishing market. Since there is no fixed price for e-books, this market could finally take off. Our only concern is that the Kindle doesn’t take native Epub documents directly. But with a hack and app that should be fixed in no time, enabling us to do all our reading on a single device.

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