The State of The Cloud: Marcel Warmerdam with Intel and Cisco on Webwereld Webcast

Earlier this month METISfiles principal analyst Marcel Warmerdam was invited by webwereld to take part in a discussion around the status and future of ‘The Cloud’. At the table were also Jasper Bakker (webwereld) leading the discussion, Henk van den Eeckhout (Intel) and Bob Stemmerik (Cisco).

The discussion focused on four themes: 1) the current state and adoption of the cloud, 2) public versus private clouds, 3) cloud best practices today, and 4) the future of the cloud.

The METISfiles has blogged extensively about these four themes. For instance – on the public versus private cloud debate – we believe that CIOs need to look at balancing cloud and traditional architecture and operations. Business users are likely to pass by the internal IT department, simply because cloud gives them the opportunity to do so: From IT department to cloud service desk.

Also, on the future of the cloud, we believe that the two most important influencing elements governing the future uptake of public cloud computing are the availability of public cloud infrastructure and the trust put into security and compliance: Four Public Cloud Computing Scenarios: Planning for the Cloud.

More analysis on the impact of cloud can be found on our METISbyte Elastic Enterprise blog and in our upcoming reports.

The link to this (english) webcast is here (free, but registration required). The webcast will remain online until 31-12-2011.

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