Balancing The Cloud

In a previous post we talked about how ICT departments should evolve to cloud service desks. These cloud service desks would preselect cloud services on suitability, interoperability, compliance, and security. They would present an approved cloud services menu to business users to choose from. We have now updated the model we base this on and want to share this with our readers in this short post. There is much discussion on the web about cloud definitions and whether private clouds are really clouds. Highlighting multi-tenancy and operational choices in our balanced IT architecture and operations model now presents a clearer view of what these terminologies really mean (see figure below).

In our balanced model private cloud does not include all cloud traits, but is cloud-like in the sense that it is on-demand, virtual, and automated but not multi-tenant. Our balanced model presents architectural and operational sliding scale axis rather than fixed positions. We believe this serves to clarify the cloud definition confusion. Please let us know what you think. Do you agree? What would you change?

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